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Our Faculty is the academic home of researchers, teachers, and students of Mathematics and Computer Science. Its institutes and facilities are housed in the Mathematikon, pleasantly located on the Campus Neuenheimer Feld of Heidelberg University. Welcome!

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The Doctorate signifies a proven ability to conduct independent scientific research. Under the auspices of the Combined Faculty of Mathematics, Engineering and Natural Sciences, we confer the academic degree Dr. rer. nat. in the subjects of mathematics and computer science.

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Students interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, or an interdisciplinary field, pursuing a B.Sc., M.Sc., or M.Ed., and aiming for a career in research, teaching, or the private sector, will find here in Heidelberg a full range of first-class courses for a challenging and enriching educational experience in an intellectually stimulating environment with historical cachet.

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We seek to promote the interest in mathematics and computer science by organizing events for schools and for the broader public. Alumns and newcomers join in and contribute to shared knowledge and contacts.

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Mathematics and Computer Science — Studies

Study Mathematics in Heidelberg

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science on the Neuenheimer Feld campus of the beautiful university city of Heidelberg, students of mathematics learn what it means to think abstractly and reason logically.

Mathematics denotes the trade of comprehension and is arguably the oldest academic discipline of all. To study mathematics at the university requires an enthusiasm for pure thought, determination, and perseverance. An affinity to number crunching can help, but is not necessary in any way. Research in pure and applied mathematics is booming, and as the quintessential universal science, mathematics continues to drive and enable progress across technology and society. A degree in mathematics opens the door to career opportunities in business, science, and research.

Structure of a mathematics study program at Heidelberg University

The mathematics program in Heidelberg is characterized by the strong link between theory and practice as well as among the individual subfields. The study of mathematics at the Heidelberg Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is first of all divided into the undergraduate programs Bachelor 100 % (B. Sc.) and Bachelor 50 % (B. Sc.). Building on this, the faculty offers the Master Mathematics (M. Sc.) and Master of Education (M. Ed.) programs.

The Bachelor's programs provide the students with a fundamental knowledge of mathematics. They are divided into the so-called subject studies, which impart comprehensive competencies in the field of pure and applied mathematics, and the application area, which provides an insight into various subsidiary subjects across the disciplines. The Master's program in Mathematics gives students the opportunity to focus on a particular area of study and to expand and deepen their knowledge in that area.

Bachelor Mathematics 100 % or 50 %

DegreeBachelor of Science (B. Sc.) or Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
Type of StudyUndergraduate
Begin of StudyWinter semester only
Standard period of study6 semesters
Application ProcedureNo admission restrictions

Master Mathematics

DegreeMaster of Science (M. Sc.)
Type of studyConsecutive
Begin of studyWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study4 semesters
Language(s)German, some English
Application ProcedureAccess restriction

Master of Education Mathematics

DegreeMaster of Education (M. Ed.)
Type of studyConsecutive
Begin of studyWinter and summer semester
Standard period of study4 semesters

Master of Education Supplementary Subject Mathematics

DegreeMaster of Education Supplementary Subject
Type of studyHybrid of undergraduate and consecutive
Begin of studyWinter semester only
Standard period of study4 semesters
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